“Tony was able to work with us and provide a lot of insight into some of our strategic problems.

He has a lot of IT and security expertise and was able to deliver a tactical roadmap for us that we are currently using.

I’m extremely happy with the work that the Bradley Strategy Group has been able to do for us and I 100% recommend Tony and the work he does!”

Onuora Amobi – Nnigma

I have worked with Tony since the start of his career. He has become a very distinguished information security professional. As an Analyst he does a great job in filtering out the marketing hype and assisting clients in getting a clear understanding of the capabilities of security solutions.

He understands trends in technologies and what they mean for businesses, he conveys technical concepts in non-technical language, and he tells clients what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear.

Stewart Tan – Accenture

Tony has worked with us on several projects related to Cybersecurity. He provides incisive feedback, drove to a specific deadline, and met our expectations very well. It was a pleasure working with Tony and I recommend him.

Adrienne Hall – Microsoft

It is with delight that I want to recommend Tony. Apart from his business skills and balanced approach to addressing issues which are proof alone of his professionalism more importantly I have found Tony to be guided by integrity, open-mindedness, fairness, and approachability. These “soft” characteristics are the ones that matter most when engaging with someone because they are innate to the core character of a person. This is also what separates a true professional from others in the business world, and Tony possesses these hands-down.

I am happy to further engage with anyone who may be interested in further evaluating Tony should there be any interest. I believe that Tony is one of those people who could be described as always willing to go the extra mile and in today’s world there are few like that, meaning Tony is truly distinguished from others.

Mike Muhney – VIPOrbit

Tony’s extensive knowledge and experience within the tech industry is incredibly reliable. His passion for tech and his keen ability to spot trends enables his work to be of the upmost quality. His professionalism, genuine demeanor and keen eye for detail are consistent in everything he works on. Tony is a pleasure to work with.

Eileen Garrity – DryHop Brewers

I have known Tony for several years, and worked closely with him at Zecurion, Inc. I know Tony to be driven and intelligent. He is astute when assessing situations and thorough when developing solutions. I have always found his counsel well-informed and trustworthy. He repeatedly proved himself reliable and very capable. I recommend Tony strongly and without reservation.

Ross Leo – eNovation

There are only a few people who I believe really have their thumb on the pulse of the tech market. Tony Bradley is one of those people. Tony’s insight into what is really important helps his clients understand what is nice to have versus what is a must have. He peels back the marketing jargon to understand what is important to your business and what technology and strategies would most help. I highly recommend Tony!

Alan Shimel – The CISO Group

I have worked with Tony for a number of years through out my time at Cisco Press and have nothing but great experiences working with him. A constant professional, who knows his stuff – I highly recommend him as an anaylst, writer and blogger!

Jamie Shoup – Pearson Education

Tony is one of the go-to experts on emerging and leading technologies in security, cloud and mobile. I’ve recommended his services to clients looking for insight, because I know the results will be thorough and include a fair and accurate analysis of the competitive landscape.

Heather Edell – Adobe

I have known and worked with Tony for years.

Anyone who knows Tony can tell you that he is extremely passionate about technology. He brings unique and valuable insight to the table. He is never one to use marketing jargon or buzzwords, rather he cuts to the chase and helps his clients understand and address issues that matter.

He has a knack for conveying complex, technical subject matter in terms that business executives and end-users can understand and relate to.

You can rely on Tony to tell you what you need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear. That is what a true consultant does.

I worked with Tony when we were both at BT and many of the clients were able to take advantage of what he has to offer.

Ben Rothke – IT Security Manager of Global Hospitality Corporation

Tony is a seasoned, respected security industry expert, writer, and blogger. He pens IT Security and General IT news for national media outlets and regularly consults with global companies of all sizes.

Best of all, Tony has a great sense of humor and is a very nice person. I look forward to working with him in 2013 and beyond.

Jeani Park – CyberMaryland

In an IT industry full of self-proclaimed “experts,” Tony Bradley is among the elite who have truly earned that distinction. He’s been a market watcher to writer to analyst to practitioner and strategist. He can help companies align their strategies and goals from the 10,000-foot view and he can also push up his sleeves and help with execution. His discerning view of IT and what’s real versus what is marketing is also a plus, considering all of the fluff and FUD that exists in the industry. I’ve always enjoyed working with Tony and he’s definitely a high-value business partner.

Jennifer Leggio – Sourcefire

I have worked with Tony for many years. He is remarkably sharp and savvy about security and technology in general. He is professional and a pleasure to work with…

Stuart McClure – Cylance

Tony has an incredible ability to take complex tech issues and write about them in a way that anyone can understand.

Avram Piltch – Laptop Magazine

Tony is unique in his ability to straddle the techno-fence. He can understand and apply detailed technical information just as easily as he can translate it into terms that average, non-techie people can understand. He has a firm grasp of information security concepts and Microsoft products and he shares it with others through his writing and presentations. I would welcome working with Tony and recommend him to others as well.

Michael Howard – Microsoft

When it comes to discussions of information security and data protection/business continuity, Tony Bradley is one of the sharper knives in the drawer. His articles are informative and hype-free, and his writing style is very readable.

Jon Toigo – Toigo Partners International

Tony’s one of the rare security experts who’s able to break down the crunchy geek-speak for people who aren’t members of the priesthood. But, best of all, he doesn’t fall for hype or B.S. – his readers can rely on him to do his research and know what he’s writing about.

Marcus Ranum – Tenable Network Security

Tony is an established authority on computer security and computer technology. His prolific contributions to web and print media are insightful and help readers cut through techno-babble…

Eric Garulay – Pearson Education

Tony provided Redmond Media Group with several integrated sequential sales lead programs that required extensive writing under deadlines…

JD Holzgrefe – Redmond Media Group

In the four years that I’ve known and worked with Tony Bradley, I’ve been regularly impressed with the quality of his writing and his formidable grasp of the various technologies he writes about. Tony has a rare talent for zeroing in on essential points, then analyzing and explaining them in clear, understandable language. His energy seems unlimited. He’s a pleasure to work with.

Kathryn Barrett – O’Reilly Media

Tony is not simply knowledgeable; after all, lots of people are knowledgeable. What makes Tony so good to work with is that, in addition to having that knowledge, he knows how to communicate complex information in a way that even non-technical types can understand.

Rod Scher – Smart Computing Magazine

I’ve known Tony for a few years now and continue to enjoy reading and learning from his pearly prose.
His knowledge and dedication to the field of Information security is unparalleled and second to none.

Douglas Schweitzer – Information Security Expert and Author

Tony is not only an expert on network security, he’s also a talented writer who can portray complicated issues in a manner that is both clear and insightful. He’s an excellent resource for anyone with an interest in or in need of information on the topic.

Alison Doyle – About.com

Because of Tony’s position in the security community at-large, he brings instant credibility to whatever he is working on. Although this contribution is not a “measurable”, it is both rare and extremely valuable…

Mike Borkin – EDS

As a writer, Tony is very responsive, cooperative, and pleasant to work with.

Marcia Savage – Information Security Magazine

Tony is very proactive within the security space. I was impressed by his desire to learn, communicate and spearhead projects. He is also an accomplished, published writer on a variety of security topics.

Cindy Cole – Nuance

Tony helped us shape the tone and manner of the Security & Privacy category as well as recruiting some of our very best writers. I am looking forward to working with Tony again in the future and would recommend Tony to anyone who is looking for a great mind in technology security and networking!

Ken Cavallon – Brighthub

I have been in the Information Security arena for the last 15 years. During this time, there are many places I have turned for guidance on the pulse of Information Security. Tony Bradley is one of those sources. Tony can understand the trends in the ever-changing world of Information Security and communicate those concepts very effectively. His contributions to the Information Security community have made an impact on many people. I know I can reach out to Tony on most any topic and get an articulate and measured approach to achieve a successful outcome.

Ryan Maher – BT

Having collaborated with Tony on a book and worked side-by-side on a security engagement, I can definitively say that I’m impressed. Tony is an evangelist for the information security community, and a solid consultant. He is both efficient and intelligent, a combination which is not all that common.

Anatoly Elberg – BT

Tony is an inspiring and energetic colleague and author who gets things done. I am very pleased to know Tony and happy to recommend him.

Marcelle von Wendland – Finsoft Financial Systems