Bradley Strategy Group (BSG) was created by Tony Bradley, a technology expert and analyst with an established reputation for translating tech-speak to plain English, and delivering results for clients. BSG monitors and analyzes trends in technology and creates reports explaining what they mean in a way businesses can understand and put to use.

BSG provides companies with guidance to anticipate changes in technology, choose products and vendors, and recognize new business opportunities. We are adept at helping customers get the most out of what they already have—whether to operate more efficiently and effectively, or to target customer needs and establish a viable marketing message —with minimal additional investment.

Clients engage BSG for guidance before making IT investment decisions. Businesses work with BSG for advice on product road maps, and product marketing strategies. Executives prefer BSG for its ability to cut through marketing hype and tech buzzwords, and convey the information they need in terms they understand.


Who We Are

Tony Bradley is a respected authority on technology. He is Editor-in-Chief of TechSpective.net. He also writes the Threat Response column for PCWorld, the Minimal Risk blog for CSO, and ...



Bradley Strategy Group is guided by this three-point philosophy: Help clients go beyond limited expectations to explore what can be Tell clients what they need to hear, not what they ...


What we offer

Bradley Strategy Group provides a range of consulting, analysis, and content development services, including market and industry analysis, product or service testing, public speaking, training, social media campaign management, content ...